Travel Rule Protocol

A Minimal, Pragmatic API for Compliance with FATF Travel Rule Recommendations for Virtual Assets


Our underlying principles

Full compliance with FATF recommendations

Data privacy: Bilateral exchange for minimal data leakage

Iterative and incremental with early MVP launch

Open for industry collaboration and adoption

Aligned with emerging industry standards such as IVMS101


Travel Rule Protocol Working Group Goals

"Create a:

First generation, Minimal, Workable, Pragmatic API specification for compliance with the FATF Travel Rule in a timely manner.

Minimise fragmentation and maximise interoperation of solutions"

First Generation

Addressing the "sunrise" period

We are aware that we are at the start of a long journey to maturity for virtual assets as an asset class. By creating a first generation solution for compliance with the FATF travel rule we aim to help the industry take some of the first steps on that journey, while recognising there will be many steps to come.


Minimal, Workable, Pragmatic API

Focus on only what's required

We want to make our solution easy for a wide range of industry participants to adopt. By focusing closely on the FATF recommendations and limiting scope of our solution, we aim to create a simple API for required information exchange which will not impose unnecessary additional requirements onto participants and integrate with low friction into their existing business and solutions.

Minimise Fragmentation & Maximise Interoperation

Designed to integrate with emerging solutions

We recognise there are a number of potentially more comprehensive solutions in development across the industry. Rather than compete with these we want to make sure there is an easy path to interoperate with and evolve towards those solutions as they mature. Any investment made should be transferrable to future industry solutions.

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Who is behind the Travel Rule Protocol?

The Travel Rule Protocol has been incrementally developed by a self selecting group of leading industry participants from around the world, collaborating openly and sharing to develop and evolve the solution. There is no single central body or organisation behind the protocol, only collaboration.

We have a regular weekly meeting, chat rooms for more frequent collaboration as well as email for more infrequent formal announcements.

Industry participants who wish to help towards the goals are encouraged to join the working group.






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