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TRP - The Ready Protocol

The Travel Rule Protocol is a Mature Complete API for Compliance with FATF Travel Rule Recommendations for Virtual Assets which is Ready and In Use Today

Your choice

Build your own or buy from multiple vendors

Fully Open: 
Completely royalty free specification with no hidden catches

Build it yourself:
Designed from the ground up to be simple to implement with the languages and tools your teams already use

Buy a TRP compatible solution: 
Need something now? Buy a TRP solution ready today from one of the vendors below:

21 Analytics                             Blockchain Intelligence Group    Sumsub

Extendable by design:
Need to go further? TRP has a built in flexible extension mechanism which can be used to permisionlessly add extra functionality for your unique business needs 

Aligned with industry standards:
Compatible with industry standards such as IVMS101, TRP will allow you to interoperate with other current and future travel rule solutions

Ready Now

The Travel Rule Protocol Is Being Used Today

"By focusing on delivering a simple pragmatic solution early, TRP has been able to rapidly evolve through a number of iterations and is now a mature protocol with multiple implementations in use today"

Andrew Davidson - Chair of the Travel Rule Protocol Working Group

Communication Tower


Who is behind the Travel Rule Protocol?

The Travel Rule Protocol has been incrementally developed by an open industry working group. There is no single central body, membership fees, royalties to pay or shadowy organisation behind the protocol. (In fact many of our contributors have consented to have their names and organisations included right here at the end of the specification)

We have an open source repository, regular weekly meeting, chat rooms for more frequent collaboration as well as email for more infrequent formal announcements.

Anyone who wishes to help further develop TRP, implement or adopt a TRP solution are encouraged to join the working group.






Apply to join the Travel Rule Protocol Working Group


Please fill in the short survey to join

Please fill in our short survey to tell us about your organisation and why you'd like to join the working group. We will contact you shortly after we receive your survey submission to let you know how you can join and collaborate with us.


Provide feedback on the Travel Rule Protocol Specification


We welcome your feedback and collaboration

If you have an suggestions for improvement, find any errors or have suggestions for future versions of the Travel Rule Protocol specification please fill in the feedback form.


Contact Us

For all enquiries please fill in the form below to contact us

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